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My name is David Anthony Johnson. I am a professional singer and motivational speaker. I travel around the country doing concerts and raising funds for my nonprofit organization called, “5 Talents More, Inc.” The name was inspired by the biblical text found in Matthew 25:20.  My goal is to inspire young people to use their talents in a positive way. I motivate them to use their talents by them seeing me use mine positively.

I was also a probations corrections officer out of San Bernardino County’s Central Juvenile Hall. As an officer working with troubled youth, I was able to understand their issues, problems, struggles and concerns. I had the duties of working side by side with these troubled young men. What I learned was that many of them lacked love, guidance, structure, accountability, responsibility and positive reinforcement. Many of them were raised by their prisoner parents, so their outlook on life is seen through the misguided prospective of a gangster-minded criminal.

After hearing many of their sad personal stories, I thought that if I could show them a different way of viewing life than maybe I could make a difference with them. I felt that it was incumbent upon me to be a role model to these young men! I thought that if I could save just one, it would be worth it! So I started to tell them bible stories and about the love of God. It was amazing to me how childlike these sixteen, seventeen and eighteen year olds boys were. Many of their reading comprehension and scholastic aptitudes were not over a sixth grade level. They just took to the very simple bible stories that many of us who know them, learned in cradle row, primary class, or at the beginners level.

I started to sing to them. I shared my talents of Dr.Martin Luther King oratory, comedy and story-telling. I started to allow them to showcase their talents in front of their peers. What I learned is that many of them were very talented! Most of them were never told that they were talented. Most of them lacked good self-esteem. I thought, if I were never told, “David, good job, I am proud of you!” where would I be today?

I enjoyed sharing my talents with them and I enjoyed seeing them use their talents to sing, rap, dance, draw, right poetry and etc. I started to make a positive difference with these young men and it inspired me to try to reach them before they got locked up. I felt that if I could reach these troubled youth in the schools, group homes and churches, then with the blessing of Yahshua (Jesus), they can make better life choices.

This is what my nonprofit is for. Many of the schools, churches and group homes do not have the funds to bring in speakers or mentors. The volunteers are not always able to come out and talk to them because of their job constraints. I am trying to put a team of individual role models of men and women to come with me and mentor these young people.

Contact Information:

To invite the David Anthony Johnson Ministries ( or DJohn Ministries) to your church, please feel free to contact me directly using one of the methods below.

Phone:                 951-768-6737
Website:              www.djohnstl.com
Facebook:           www.facebook.com/djohnstl
Youtube:             www.youtube.com/djohnstl

Currently, I reside in Corona, California area (approximately 44 miles east of Los Angeles).

You may also schedule an event directly, via my website at www.djohnstl.com  click on Schedule.
May God richly bless you and your congregation!

Peace and love,

David Anthony Johnson


To be an effective, positive role-model for children, youth and adults. To help lead men and women to a realization that they have been endowed with special and specific gifts and talents to be used positively to make this world a better place.


To help to unearth the gifts and talents that is buried deep within every person, young and young at heart. My method of operation includes: motivational speaking; inspirational solo music; Dr. Martin Luther King oratory; emotion-filled and comedic story-telling; testimonials about my probations corrections officer experiences; Aesop-like stories with morals from American History and more.


That one day we can all live in a society where every man and woman will treat and will be treated as brothers and sisters. The goal is that judgment will not be merely limited to the external elements of man, but only to the content of a man’s character. That one day love will be the rule of the land.