Greetings from David Anthony Johnson or DJohn Ministries!  As a professional, contemporary gospel singer and motivational speaker, I travel the United States with my full time ministry. My ministry is comprised of inspirational music; motivational speaking; historical story-telling; Dr. Martin Luther King orations and more.  It would be an honor and privilege to be invited to minister at your church, school or event.  Please allow me to introduce myself and my ministry.

My Mission:

To be a witness for Yah (God) by using the gifts that He has bestowed upon me. It is to remind the world in song and word how and that Yahshua (Jesus) died for us to free us from sin.

If you’ve never been in a mess, it’s hard to have a message. If you’ve never been tested, it’s difficult to have a testimony. If you’ve never experienced trials, how will you handle tribulation? If you’ve never been in a storm, how will you respond when you get wet? If you’ve never been broken, how will you know what being fixed is all about?

My History:

I am grateful to be a 4th Generation Seventh-day Adventist Christian.  Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, I started singing and performing Dr. Martin Luther King orations and a very young age, inspired by my grandmother.  I am an alumnus of Oakwood University, where I continued to hone my music and oration skills, and gained an appreciation for community service and youth at risk.

Before starting my ‘full-time’ ministry, I worked as a probations corrections officer in San Bernardino County for almost ten years.  It was there that I was able to witness for Yahshua to the inmates/minors. I taught them about the love of Yah and how His Son Yahshua died for us. I taught them Bible stories and taught them how to allow Yahshua to fight their battles.  But the inmates started to change their behaviors for the better, much to the chagrin of my co-workers and supervisors who started to harass and persecute me in stealth. When I was down and battle-weary from fighting my enemies in law enforcement as a result of my witness, I started to lose courage.  Yahshua then allowed for those same inmates to reflect the lessons that I taught them, back upon me. Those young men were used to save me! Those experiences and many more helped to shape my current ministry. There’s a lot more to this story, but you have to book me to know the rest!

My Ministry:

Yah has blessed me and instilled in me a passion for ministry through several mediums:  motivation; music; Dr. Martin Luther King Speech Orations; historical story-telling; community and Youth Outreach and so much more. I am available to do school assemblies; keynote-speaking for graduations and events; preaching; week of prayers; special events for churches and schools and more.

Music:  I am a professional contemporary christian/gospel singer.  I have a wide repertoire of music that I perform using “tracks” (background music) and the local churches sound system.  Upon request, I am able to tailor my musical selections to the preferences of your congregation.  You may listen to some of the selections on my website. click on Music.

Orations:  Incorporated into my repertoire are renditions of Dr. Martin Luther King’s speeches.  You may hear portions of these speeches at my website. click on Videos.

Community:  A portion of my community outreach program involves being invited to schools where I give motivational speeches for youth aged students.  These events are booked through my non-profit company called 5 Talents More.  God allows me to use this program to connect with our youth who have given up or may be struggling with what they are facing in their lives.

Contact Information:

To invite the David Anthony Johnson Ministries ( or DJohn Ministries) to your church, please feel free to contact me directly using one of the methods below.

Phone:                 951-768-6737

Currently, I reside in Corona, California area (approximately 44 miles east of Los Angeles).

You may also schedule an event directly, via my website at:  click on Schedule.
May God richly bless you and your congregation!

Peace and love,

David Anthony Johnson

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